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Brian Cohn Dives Into the 2024 SD57B House Race

The Brian Cohn for Minnesota campaign has officially launched with an eye on turning the House District 57B Blue. At an event at Barley and Vine in Lakeville on November 11th, Brian introduced himself and outlined his priorities.

Our Second Precint Party Was Great

Brian Already has plans for getting together including his first Listening Session on Dec. 9 at Caribou Coffee (near Cedar and Dodd) at 9:00 on December 9 for a listening session. This is an opportunity to let Brian know what’s on your mind and what you’d like to see accomplished in the next legislative session.

Be sure to visit the Brian Cohn for Minnesota website and sign up to help and make a donation to get Brian elected in 2024.

Thanks to the members of Precinct 7 for coming by for another of our Neighborhood Block Parties at Prairie Lake Park Pavilion Lakeville.

Look for our next event soon. 

Highlights from the Patriotic Chicken Dinner FUN-raiser!

It was a great night for the return of the Patriotic Chicken Dinner hosted by Chuck and Elise Smith-Dewey.

We got to hear from so many of our DFL office-holders. On hand were Representative Angie Craig, Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan and State Auditor Julie Blaha among others. Not only were there so many DFLers to connect with, there was plenty of fired chicken to enjoy…well into the night. 

Thanks to all who came out and supported Senate District 57. We raised over $3000 to help our candidates in coming elections. Check out the pics from the night below.

About DFL Senate District 57

DFL 57 is one of about 100 organizing units that are part of the state Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) party.

  • There are 8 congressional districts in Minnesota. Senate District 57 is part of Congressional District 2 (CD2). 
  • CD2 is represented in the U.S. House of Representatives by Democratic Congresswoman Angie Craig.

Find out more about SD57 here…

Is the Democratic Party right for you?

If you agree with even a couple of the following statements, the DFL might be a home for you. Come to caucus to help define our goals for 2022.

  • Masks and vaccines are small prices to pay to help move past the pandemic; all of us who can should do our part to help.
  • “The science” changes because we learn more all the time; we live in a world where we are curious, continue to learn and don’t demand absolutes.
  • America is strong enough to re-assess our history to understand where we came from and where we are going.
  • The evidence of climate change is all around us. Human activity is in large part to blame.
  • Our elections are largely open, fair and accurate – even when we don’t like the outcomes.
  • It’s wrong when people are treated differently because of the color of their skin, the god they worship, who they love or how they identify.
  • Schools should be safe places for our children – and free from politics and religion (except if those are the subject of a class).
  • Sen. Paul Wellstone was right when he said “We all do better when we all do better.”

Issues Important to DFL57

DFL57 continues to be involved in issues that impact the voters in our district. Please check back often to find out more about the issues that impact you and your family, as well as what you can do to get involved.

Health Care Forum Highlights

SD57 welcomed Health Care For All Minnesota for Fixing How We Pay for Health Care, Now That We’ve Tried Everything Else presented by Anne C. Jones  MA, BSN, RN Vice-Chair of the Board of Health Care for All Minnesota.

What is the impact of our multi-payer system on health spending in the U.S. and in Minnesota, on overall health outcomes, on individuals, families, and businesses?  What’s the answer?  Are there steps we can take?  Haven’t we already tried?  What are some of the barriers to change?  What are the principles and features of a comprehensive, affordable, high quality health care system that would cover all Minnesotans?  How can you help us fix how we pay for health care in MN and in the U.S.?

Check out the slide deck above and download the handouts from the event here. 

HCAMN One-Page Summary
Commitment to Act HCAMN
Threats to Medicare
Fixing How We Pay for Health Care – SD 57 DFL – Wed., Sept 20, 2023 7pm Slide Deck