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Elko New Market Residents Oppose Rush to Approve Bottling Plant

The Niagara Bottling Co. has propose the building of a water bottling plan in Elko New Market. Their proposal would nearly triple the city’s use of water and place a regionally vital aquifer and wildlife at risk. 

Concerns center around 5 issues:

  1. Conservation of water supplies. How would the project affect the region’s water supply in the future? What if the drought worsens?
  2. Protection of water quality. What’s the potential impact on water quality and the Vermillion River Watershed?
  3. Plastics. How would the project affect plastics in the environment?
  4. Cost. What would it cost residents to upgrade water and sewer facilities?
  5. Noise, light, and traffic congestion. How would 24/7 operations affect the quality of life in Elko New Market?

Click here for the complete press release.

What you can do to get involved.

  1. Help spread the word about this.
  2. Write to the city council and planning commission and urge them to vote no on this 
  3. Write to the DNR, they are taking public comment on the city’s request to increase their water appropriation from 135 to 365 million gallons/year to accommodate this. The Niagara plant will be using city well water and city sewer. 

We need everyone to spread the word and help to stop this.
There is a public facebook group called Say No to Niagara here!
And Southern Minnesota Water Stewardship here!
Click here for a flyer with information and contacts.