Did you miss the Patriotic Chicken Dinner? President Biden has FOMO too!

You are not alone! know who else missed the Patriotic Chicken Dinner? President Joe Biden! But we have GREAT news for you and the President: If you donate $50 to DFL57 by midnight Saturday, July 22 — we will Photoshop you and the President into a photo from the event! Give $100 or more and get Vice President Kamala Harris included!

Taxpayers can get a refund of $50, or $100 for couples filing jointly, from the Minnesota Department of Revenue, making your photo FREE!* Isn’t that a heck of a deal?!?

Don’t love us that much? (Sniff, sniff) That’s okay, any smaller donation less than $50 can help ease of our pain. We have a perk for THAT level, too! Give anything from $5 to $49.99 and get a virtual handshake with the President of the United States! 

Just make your donation and we will send you a date and time to stand on your front porch, extend your hand and yell at the top of your lungs “THANK YOU PRESIDENT BIDEN!” because Washington, D.C. is so far away.**


*We will provide you a receipt and rebate form for you to mail in, and you’ll receive your refund in a few weeks. This rebate program is funded by a voluntary checkoff on state income tax forms. More detailson the PCR program, including restrictions and eligibility, at https://www.revenue.state.mn.us/political-contribution-refund

** President may or may not be outside the White House extending his hand at your assigned date and time … as SpongeBob*** advises, use your “Immaggionaaaaaation!”

*** Mention of SpongeBob does not imply endorsement or corporate sponsorship. SpongeBob is not a citizen of the United States … he lives in a pineapple under the sea.

Proceeds will help DFL57 in its mission of electing Democrats in 2024 in Lakeville, Credit River, Elko New Market and Eureka Township . Donations to political groups or candidates are not tax-deductible. Printed inhouse using donated materials and volunteer labor.