Infamous WWII Chickens to overfly Patriotic Chicken Dinner (maybe*)

JUST ADDED! The Highly-Decorated WWII Flying Roosters Squadron to overfly the DFL57 Patriotic Chickens Dinner!* These patriotic feathered, fearless fighters were the only cockerals on the Allied side, and completed more than 150 missions over the Torgerson’s farm in St. Olaf Township, Minnesota.

Flock to the pool and backyard after Lakeville’s Pan-O-Prog Grand Parade for a can’t-miss evening you can crow about later with your friends!

What: Patriotic Chicken Dinner
When: Saturday, July 15, 7:30-9:30-pm
Where: 19350 Ireland Court, Lakeville, MN

FOOD!  Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers, cole slaw, chips, brownies, blue frosted donuts, assorted beverages and more!

FUN!  Swimming, trampoline, basketball court, fire ring, hot tub, bean bag toss and more!

FRIENDS!  Invited Guests include U.S. Rep. Angie Craig, Minnesota State Auditor Julie Blaha, Former Minnesota State Sen. Matt Little, all of our statewide elected DFLers, legislators from nearby districts, and more!  (NOTE: It has not been confirmed that George Clooney and Colonel Sanders will be at the event, but it also has not been confirmed that they won’t be.)

The elderly chickens promise not to bomb the picnic as they will be wearing diapers.

Tickets now available!

Give us some chicken feed now and we will bring the progressive voters home to roost in the 2024 election!

  • $25 Just Us Chickens
  • $50 Feathering The Nest (most popular)*
  • $125 Flock Builder
  • $250 Ruling the Roost (co-host)

Please bring a non-perishable item for local food shelves 🙂

* Give $50, get $50 back -- attend the event for free!

Minnesota taxpayers can receive a rebate up to $50 on political contributions once each year ($100 for married couples), making this the most popular ticket level.

We will provide you a receipt and rebate form for you to mail in, and you’ll receive your refund in a few weeks.

This rebate program is funded by a voluntary checkoff on state income tax forms. More details on the PCR program at

*DISCLAIMER: Because of the advanced age of these World War II chickens, their participation in the Patriotic Chicken Dinner cannot be guaranteed… but wouldn’t it be great?!? If they are not at the dinner it is possible they will be the dinner.

Proceeds will help DFL57 in its mission of electing Democrats in 2024 in Lakeville, Credit River, Elko New Market and Eureka Township . Donations to political groups or candidates are not tax-deductible. Printed inhouse using donated materials and labor.